Deepkala Junction - the ultimate retail outlet for dress material, sarees, dresses and accessories was born on 30 September 2003, at the junction of Satellite Road and 132 ft. Ring Road (Now popularly known as Deepkala Cross Roads) in Ahmedabad.
With total floor area of over 12,000 sq. ft., the megastore can cater large number of people & can offer better service with wider range of display.

Over 1,00,000 customers visit the showroom every year. Deepkala Junction has now become a brand which every one study on.
Though the business process is no longer a door-to-door one, the business philosophy continues to be one. Deepkala Junction may be situated in one place; but it still 'going out' to where its customers live.

Deepkala Ratanpole
2000 sq. ft. Showroom
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